The Support System

WEEK 5, 2018 – Reading – Monday 29th October

The Support System

Together they stand, supporting each other, a bond like no other, a sisterhood. The Support System comprises of three large concrete walls that lean on each other for support. Encouraging statements stitched into hessian reside beneath the concrete walls in a bid to protect them from oppressors. The only thing holding the walls up are the walls themselves, without each one, they cannot stand. My practice asserts that black women should work together and empower one another. In a world where so many are against them, they need to become a united front because they are stronger together. Through the use of concrete, I evoke the walls of a house and the buildings in a city in which normal lives are led each day. I chose not to place the walls together in the conventional way because I did not want to conform.







The exhibition






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